Storage-Sawing Automation

To interface storage systems with infeed and outfeed solutions as well a saws not only guarantees economic and fast sawing of serial cuts - intelligent controls also ensure an enormous flexibility up to individual cuts on different saws.

KASTOcenter, 3D, storage system, saw, control


In a KASTO Sawing Center, the KASTOcenter, computer-controlled operating cranes feed a single bar, fully automatic, to an integrated CNC-saw and automatically restore the remnants. A warehouse management system keeps inventory up-to-date. KASTO offers this flexible manufacturing system for the sawing department complete with storage system, saw, control and service as a one-source supplier!

KASTO Saws, integrated systems

Sawing Machines for integrated systems

The S-machines include all KASTO industrial sawing machines which are integrated in bar storage systems and sawing centers and are fully automatically fed with material (Ø 20-400 mm), mainly of the machine series KASTOtec SC 4  and KASTOvariospeed SC 15.

KASTOsort, robots, handling system, automation, Industry 4.0


KASTOsort is a robotic handling system for the automation of your production and logistics. The robot is based on a decentral self-organizing program logic. Therefore, neither a teach-in nor any kind of programming by the user is necessary. The robot obtains all required information by communication with your ERP system or the previous or following machines. This ensures the flexibility of your system and gets you ready for the future.