Storage and Material Handling Solutions

Whether for bar stock or sheets - with our variety of different storage system types and sizes, we will meet your individual requirements.

KASTO offers a wide selection of storage systems for bars, tubes, profiles and beams, all tailored to individual or architectural requirements. KASTO offers also a wide range of sheet metal storage systems for all tasks, storage quantities and speeds. Sheets put special requirements on the sheet metal storage and transport due to their format.

Material Handling...

Tower Storage Systems

The KASTOecostore is a standardized storage system suited for all applications where a high variety of materials like bar stock or sheet metal need to be stored. A high storage density on smallest area is achieved by height-optimized compartment division. This leads to more order,

cleanliness and safety.


The UNITOWER offers significant space, time and handling

advantages compared to conventional storage solutions like

racks, floor storage or stacking cradles. The system is available in single- or double-sided design.

Production Storage Systems

A unique feature of the UNITOP automatic bar storage system is that the operating crane travels on top of the shelf block. The enclosed compact design of the system ensures fast access to self-carrying cassettes.


The UNILINE storage system for sheet metal from KASTO guarantees optimum building height utilization. Due to the narrow system design, the in-line storage system fits optimally in buildings with limited bay width. The compact design of the operating gantry crane further improves the optimal utilization of space.

Logistics Storage Systems

The honeycomb storage system UNICOMPACT features

excellent space utilization – for new as well as for already

existing buildings, i.e. the classic facilities of steel service

centers. An extensive variety of different station designs increases the efficiency for cutting and commissioning of solids or shapes of steel, aluminum, plastic or non-ferrous materials.


For system heights up to 15 m (49,2’) and loads up to 3 t

(6,600 lbs.), the UNIGRIP system is the perfect choice. Because it offers everything an efficient storage system needs – and with low investment costs.


The stacking cradlesystem UNIBLOC is the suitable solution

where automatic bar storage systems are not economically

feasible. Often, small storage volumes and small to medium

turnover numbers only require a transport device where easy access, small footprint and uncomplicated operation are most important.


Material Handling Solutions

KASTO also offers to its customers a large field of material handling solutions depending on your needs. Chain and roller conveyors, KASTO KSG, sheet metal manipulators, automatic sheet separation and commissioning, KASTOsort, KASTOrail and the possibility to connect products of other manufacturers to KASTO storage technology hassle-freely (for example sheet metal laser machines).