Smart Solutions

KASTO's product segment consists also of very innovative digital solutions for our customers. Everything from a single source! 

KASTOlogic, warehouse management system


The KASTOlogic warehouse management software supports

your processes and assists in organising them efficiently,

both in automated high-bay systems and manual warehouses. The combination of system visualisation and targeted operator support increases the efficiency of the entire system.

KASTOmobile, inventory, mobile phone, storing, picking, restoring, stock information


All inventory (including inventory outside of the KASTO system) is managed within KASTOlogic. All bookings possible from mobile device: storing, picking, restoring, stock information.


KASTOoptisaw is a cutting optimization considering the machine parameters (kerf width, min. clamping length etc.) and workload . It is possible to define the minimum restoring length to avoid too short remnants. The optimization goals are:

  • low waste
  • as few matieral movements as possible
  • Location of good's storage

 The optimization tool generates one or more cutting plans that contain the order item sequences, as determinded from the optimization result. The cutting plans are displayed graphically including mitre cuts.


After the cutting plan is created, the order parameters can be transferred to the sawing machine (depending on the PLC). By that, the operator can start the cut very easily without having to enter any parameters, which minimizes errors significantly.


KASTOapp, live status of machines, responsive design


The KASTOapp offers you a solution to get a live status overview of your sawing machines.

  • Status of the machines
  • Current orders
  • Past status incl. errors on a timeline
  • Maintenance information

The KASTOapp's responsive design optimizes the layout for all devices (smartphone, tablet or PC).

Integrated Technologies

In the field of integrated technologies, KASTO has also a lot to offer. KASTOrespond makes the sawing machine "feel" the material shape and quality and slows down / speeds up during the sawing process. This uses the tools optimally optimizing the blade life and has clear advantages at cutting profiles, material heterogeneity or general deviations in the stability of the material.


KASTOsense is the zero positioning solution which records automatically the material height from any position of the saw feed in all types to start.





Rising energy costs and diminishing resources are creating a demand for energy-efficient solutions in every industry. Logistics and distribution are no exception. For this reason, KASTO has developed an innovative energy recovery and storage concept for its automatic bar stock and sheet metal storage systems (KASTOenergysave). It makes it possible to convert surplus kinetic energy into electricity and store it temporarily for later use as needed. This cuts operating and investment costs, and it reduces CO2 emissions.

KASTO VisualAssistance, Smart Glasses, Remote Control, Virtual Reality, Service

KASTO VisualAssistance

KASTO VisualAssistance is an innovative solution for maintaining its machines and systems remotely. By means of a tablet, smartphone or smart glasses, users can send live videos to KASTO’s service experts and receive visual assistance and information in real time in the event of a fault or maintenance work. Downtimes can be reduced to a minimum, which has a positive effect on the cost balance.