Products and MORE

The KASTO product range reaches from the manufacture and sale of metal-cutting saws and semi-automatic and automatic storage systems for bar stock and sheet metal to automatic handling systems for metal bars, sheet metal and pre-cut parts, as well as the corresponding software. This is the MORE of KASTO.

Sawing Machines

KASTO saws, band saws, hack saws, circular saws

KASTO's saw machine program is as versatile as the tasks in the field of sawing.

Storage-Sawing Automation

Storage sawing automation solutions KASTO

The integration of storage systems with sawing machines ensures economical and quick processes.

Storage and Material Handling

KASTO Storage systems

Whether bar stock or sheet metal - KASTO can meet your individual requirements.

Smart Solutions

KASTO VisualAssistance, Virtual Reality, Smart Glasses, Service

KASTO offers a large number of smart, digital solutions perfectly fitting to the customer's needs, reaching from KASTOlogic to KASTOmobile and KASTOapp.

Service and Support

KASTO on road, Service Car

Important to KASTO is a reliable full-service with comprehensive and individual support depending on your needs.